E-wallets are a well-known alternative payment method. They are a type of digital account where users can save their payment information and also save some money for any type of online transactions such as purchases, digital services and others. 

Thinking about our customers, we are always searching for the most relevant payment methods at Latam, and now we are thrilled to announce that Yape is available for our customers from Peru!

Yape is one of the main e-wallets in Peru with more than 10 million accounts registered. To create a Yape account, your client does not need a bank account, they just need to register their phone number and ID. It’s important to remember that your customer needs the latest app version installed to use it.


To create a Yape account, your customer needs to:


1- Download Yape at Play Store, App Store or App Gallery;

2- Open the app and select “Create account”;

3- Insert their cell number and the code that reaches their cell number;

4- Insert their personal information;

5- Create a password;

6- Choose how to pay and charge for Yape

7- Validate their identity with a selfie with the ID or answering security questions;


How to use:


Yape is accepted in more than 300 stores in Peru and is easy to use. To pay via Yape your customer needs to:


1- Open the app;

2- Click the button “Scan QR code”;

3- Scan the code provided by the store or digital service they want to buy;

4- Insert the value and press “Yapear”.


In seconds the order will be concluded and your customer will get access to the wanted service or product.


If you have any questions, let us know, our team is ready to be with you and explain how a localized payment method can make a difference for your company and your customers.   


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