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Pix is one of the main payment methods in Brazil


In almost one year, Pix is already the second most used payment method in Brazil. Data provided by Confederação Nacional de Dirigentes Lojistas (CNDL) shows that Pix is used in almost 70,5% of all transactions, standing only behind cash.

According to the research, the main payment methods used in Brazil are cash (71%), Pix (70%), Debit (66%) and credit card (57%). According to CNDL, 83% users justify their preference for Pix for its ease of use and processing speed.

“The number of users that already made at least one PIX transaction is near 80 million – It’s worth to notice that this payment method has not completed a year of operation”, pointed by CNDLs president, José César da Costa.

PIX is also used for standard service payments (40%); internet purchases (26%); grocery purchases (18%); restaurants (17%); and medical appointments (12%).

Contact us and discover how your company can have the benefits of this payment method.

What moves us?


We combine our knowledge about the Chinese payment system with the Brazilian market to develop personalized payment solutions for our clients. Attending to their every need and providing a faster delivery time. 

We understand the digital market and we know the client's needs, and as such, we are always updating our services to guarantee to our customers the best experience possible. 

We are rooted in an innovative environment that prizes the client's full experience. Since the beginning of our operations, we are focused on the mission of becoming a complete payment solution. 

What moves us is innovation, knowledge and the ever so present wish to improve our services and products. We are made of unstoppable minds in the search of becoming the reference in payment solutions in Brazil and Latin America. 

We are Pagsmile.

What is an International Payment Facilitator?


Payment facilitators are companies focused on the relation between the customer and the seller. They provide payment solutions that can help customers during payment checkout. In our case, we are helping Brazilian users to buy game and digital services from international companies, with exclusive payment methods that are suitable even for people that do not have a bank account.

For this, we use our knowledge about the Brazilian market combined with the Chinese expertise about payments. We provide traditional solutions like banking bills and credit card, alternative payment methods which do not depend on a bank account, like Boleto Rápido™ and Lotopay™, and the main topic when we talk about new payment technology in Brazil, Pix.

Pix was released by the Brazilian Central Bank last November, since then, the system is getting more and more popular among Brazilians. Data provided by Brazilian Government shows that are more than 133 million Pix keys registered until now. Many games and digital services are not integrated with this technology, but with Pagsmile you can give your client this, and other, payment options.

Check the video below and discover what more Pagsmile can provide to your business.

What is Pagsmile?


Pagsmile is an international payment facilitator who intend to help Brazilian customers with the access to international products. This idea came after reflecting about the international payment process and the difficulties that may occur during this operation when users are trying to buy credits for games and digital services provided by international companies. 

Thinking in a way to make those products accessible for international customers, Pagsmile came to provide an “all in one” payment solution. With Pagsmile, customers have access to a great variety of alternative payment methods like Lotopay (payment via Casas Lotéricas, small stores authorized by government to receive payments) and Boleto Rápido, a new modality of banking bills with a faster processing time and lower taxes, customers can use these methods without the need for a banking account or a credit card. 

Users can find Pagsmile at checkout pages of different products like Free Fire and Mobile Legends. We also have the Smile One store, an e-commerce focused on digital products and game credits that guarantee the best payment methods and a fast delivery.

Lotopay, an easy way to pay


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 40 million Brazilians were outside the banking system, according to Brazil’s Central Bank Analysis. With social isolation boosting digital commerce and governmental measures encouraging people to use digital banking services this number decreased, and it’s estimated that 10 million people are now part of the system via traditional, digital banks or fintech. 

These people are potential customers for digital services and normally search for traditional payment methods like banking bills or money that doesn't need a bank account to conclude the transaction. Thinking about them, Pagsmile offers a new payment method that combines ease of use and speed. Lotopay is an easy way to pay, and it’s available in all Lotéricas in Brazil.

Lotéricas are small agencies authorized by the Brasilian Government to receive payments of basic needs and the majority of banking bills. With Pagsmile, the Lotéricas can be one of your points of sale. Speak with us and discover this, and other payment methods that can improve your sales.

What do you know about contactless payment in Brazil?


Did you know that contactless payment in Brazil had a growth of 496% in one year, guaranteeing access to consumption and, during the pandemic, helping preserve people’s health?

This payment method is geting popular between Brazilians. It’s easy, fast, safe and shows an amazing growth since 2019, opening space for other technologies with the same concept but with different shapes and designs.

Nowadays, we already have payment options like cards, QR codes and even smartwatches with contactless technology. Everything to keep safety and commodity regardless of the payment method they choose.

Data provided by the most known credit card maintainer presents that contactless payment is not a temporary solution, the trend is here to stay. A recent research shows that 88% of Brazilians consider this payment method more convenient than money, and 75% of the ones that had experiences with this technology started using often, they also shows interest to keep using those payment methods.

If you’re already a contactless payment user, and know about the benefits of it, share your experiences with us at the comments. If you’re not, talk with us and discover how Pagsmile can provide this payment method for your company.

83% of Brazilians prefers PIX than standard bank transfers


Data provided by C6 Bank/Ipec shows that 83% of Brazilians prefers transferring money via PIX than using traditional ways like DOC or TED. Also, it’s expected that more than 70% of Brazilian customers have already used PIX, and the number will grow in the following months. In addition, the research shows that this payment method is more popular between young adults and the resistance against PIX is higher with people over 55 years old.

PIX growth was faster than expected, released in October 2020, the system registered more than 21 million PIX Keys only one month after launch, and this year, in April, Brazil reached the eighth position at the World Ranking of countries with the highest volumes of instant transactions, due to a release from ACI Worldwide and GlobalData.

PIX is the new payment method released by the Brazilian Central Bank, you only need internet access and a bank account with a PIX Key registered. With this payment method you avoid taxes and gain time, the process only take a few second to be finished and the money is received almost immediately by the other person. With the COVID-19 Pandemic, PIX became popular quickly since it’s a contactless payment method, hindering the virus propagation due to direct contact with either cards or money.

For companies, it’s extremely necessary to provide as many payments methods as possible for the customers. You must go beyond and think about the user experience and how a payment solution can help your business reach another level. Here, at Pagsmile, we can help you with our experience at the financial market and our knowledge about the Brazilian audience.

Job opportunity: Technical Support Engineer


Pagsmile, a revolutionary and proprietary platform to benefit both consumer and the Merchant. We are a start-up Fintech company specializing in cross-border payment in Latin America. As the LATAM leading International Payment Facilitator, Pagsmile covers the mainstream payment methods in Latin American countries, providing acquiring services for Chinese and global companies to help them succeed in Latin America, games, e-commerce, mobile Internet applications and so on. Our headquarter is located in Beijing, China and we also have offices in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru. As we grew, we are not only providing payment solutions, but we do empowerment for different industries and scenarios through payment, such as cross-border e-commerce, video Live broadcast, online games, international remittance, etc.

We are opening a new position as Technical Support, based in Brazil, São Paulo. You will be working closely with the technical team and product team inside the company, and banks, acquirers and suppliers outside the company, to provide our best technical support to Merchants. You will be seizing the opportunity to ride the trend of the times of digital payment booming in Brazil and the whole LATAM region. And you are going to become the key influential factor to the development of the payment industry. 

Find out the details!


Technical Support Engineer


  • Act as the initial point of contact for all products and system related concerns from clients, assist communication between clients and tecnical team.

  • Assist diagnosing, analyzing, solving the problems that may occur in the system to ensure the stable operation of the system.

  • Assist continuous improvement on existing technical solutions.

  • Actively uptade, maintain and monitor all aspects pending issues and following up with clients.


  • A bachelor's degree in computer science or related technology field.

  • Proven experience in relevant programming languages required, i.e. C, C++, Phyton, Java, PHP, etc.

  • 1-3 years of relevant experience in a client focused position involving technical knowledge of a company's products and services, payment sector experience is a plus.

  • Professional written and interpersonal skills are essential when communicating with clients.

  • Accept constructive criticism and customer feedback regarding their experience with software or IT services.

  • Comfortable working in and assisting others through company.

  • Time-management skills and the ability to establish reasonable and attainable deadlines for resolution.

  • Fluent English, Mandarim is a plus.

Working time: 10:00 - 19:00 - 1 hour for lunch.

Office: Alameda Santos, 1773, São Paulo, SP.

Salary: To be discussed.

Benefits: Food Voucher + Transportation Voucher + Public Holiday + Collective Vacation + Birthday Welfare + Wedding Welfare + Team Building Subsidy + International Travelling (China, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru).

Send your English CV with "job title + your name" to:

[email protected]

Job opportunity: Business Development / Sales


Pagsmile, a revolutionary and proprietary platform to benefit both consumer and the Merchant. We are a start-up Fintech company specializing in cross-border payment in Latin America. As the LATAM leading International Payment Facilitator, Pagsmile covers the mainstream payment methods in Latin American countries, providing acquiring services for Chinese and global companies to help them succeed in Latin America, games, e-commerce, mobile Internet applications and so on. Our headquarter is located in Beijing, China and we also have offices in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru. As we grew, we are not only providing payment solutions, but we do empowerment for different industries and scenarios through payment, such as cross-border e-commerce, video Live broadcast, online games, international remittance, etc.

We are opening a new position as Business Development / Sales, based in Brazil, São Paulo. You will be responsible for looking for new customers anywhere you can, to approach, pitch and continue to follow up and close deals, being supportive to the clients during their business with us to ensure the best possible merchant experience in Pagsmile.

Find out the details!


Business Development / Sales


  • Maximize the sales performance by establishing strong relationships and gaining insight into the needs and lifestyle of the client in all possible industries.

  • Generate leads and commit to excellent customer service throughout the whole sales cycle.

  • Adjust sales techniques based on interactions and results in the field and provide valuable feedback to Pagsmile.

  • Perform incisive and insightful market and competitive research based on Pagsmile’s Latam expansion plans.

  • Collaboration: Work with individuals and teams across Pagsmile and even outside the Pagsmile to ensure the best possible merchant experience and to develop yourself and your colleagues professionally.

  • Commercial Growth: By focusing on meeting merchant needs and strategic targets and KPIs for personal growth and development. Meeting sales projections, generate ongoing sales opportunities, and achieve company and individual KPI goals.

  • Functions may include other tasks which the Parties hereto may agree on.



  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Business Management, Economics or related.

  • 2 - 3 years of sales/business development within the payment industry in LATAM (entertainment, e-commerce payments as well as high risk).

  • In-depth understanding of the payment industry market.

  • Leverage network with a proven track of enterprise sales.

  • Current database of leads/prospects is an advantage.

  • Ability to travel across Latin America and internationally.

  • Fluent in English, Spanish is a plus.

  • Commercially driven individual with a goal-oriented attitude and excellent negotiations skills.

  • Proven track record of performance and relevant business network.


Working time: 10:00 - 19:00 - 1 hour for lunch.

Office: Alameda Santos 1773, São Paulo, SP

Salary: To be discussed.

Benefits: Food Voucher + Transportation Voucher + Public Holiday + Collective Vacation + Birthday Welfare + Wedding Welfare + Team Building Subsidy + International Travelling (China, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru).

Send your English CV with “job title + your name” to:

Marta Yu[email protected]

Pix, the new instant payment system in Brazil


Since November 2020 a new instant payment method was released by Central Bank of Brazil, Pix is a new way to make payments and transfer money. For you to understand what Pix is and how relevant is this payment system, we summarized some key points.

First of all, Pix is an instant payment method, which means that you will be able to transfer money between different institutions without the need of waiting a long time for processing the payment. With this method your payment will be available in real time, even if the transaction was made during the night, weekends or holidays. Pix is a 24/7 system.

To be able to use Pix, you must have a personal Key registered at your bank account, this key can be your personal document, cellphone number or even a random key in a QR code format. With this possibility you can make payments between e-wallets in real time. Without the need of an intermediate, pix is faster and secure, using the best technology available and taking the instant payments to the next level.

Many are the benefits of instant methods like Pix, but one of the most relevant is that you will be able to process real time payments without the need for acquirers, card schemes or issuers reducing, which will give to your customers another alternative to pay even if they do not have a traditional bank account. The system is also available for e-wallets and digital banks.

After the release date, in November 2020, Pix is getting bigger and showing relevant numbers. Up to January 2021, more than 130 million of Pix’s Keys were registered, almost 3 million are referent to company keys. A recent research also shows that 94% of the users approve Pix and 88% consider the system safe and revolutionary.

Having this in mind, is extremely important for company's that deal with Brazilian market getting informed about Pix and how this new system is taking payments to other level in Brazil.

2021 has an expected sales growth of 26%, get your company ready!


2020 was a challenging year. With the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic people from around the globe had to acquire new habits, and one of the most relevant changes in Brazil and Latin America was the increase of online sales. During the last year e-commerces sales grew by 122%, exceeding the specialist’s expectations. For this year, we can expect even more.

According to a recent data provided by Ebit|Nielsen, online sales could grow by 26% in 2021. At the top of the most rentable markets, technology and games keeping surprising with representatives’ revenues, and one more time, Brazilian and Latin America’s market are the most surprising.

Connecting your business with the Brazilian market can be a great way to increase your company’s numbers. But for it, you should understand a bit about the moment that Brazil is passing through.

According to country’s government-run statistics agency (IBGE), 36 million Brazilians are outside the banking system, representing a significant part of the population. Those people search for alternative payment methods to use digital services without the need of a bank account, so it is important guarantee that the payment methods available in your business are able to serve this audience.

We have great experience with Brazilian market, and we can help you to know more about it. Talk with us.

Pagsmile launches recurrent payment solution


Pagsmile launches recurrent payment been part of the payment solution along with others innovating payment solutions in Brazil market. 

We selected 8 main reasons why having recurrent payment is so important. 

1- Perfect for a diversification and wide range of business

Nowadays we have a wide range of product and services which are based on subscription programs. Having recurrent payment is essential for these business models. Some example of business:

  • A subscription box where customers receive a box full of goodies that can vary every month.

  • Insurances companies.

  • Auto-delivered products like Dollar Shave Club.

  • Providing educational content or training materials to your customers each month.

  • Appointment opportunities for businesses like hair salons or medical professionals.

  • Membership clubs, which is basically a monthly fee to gain membership in a “club” that earns freebies or discounts.

  • Utility companies who charge you for service each month.

  • Gaming companies with monthly packages.

2- Loyalty 

Increasing competition and options to end user expend their their pocket money, now companies are seeking to retain customers loyalty with 

programs, subscriptions and some way to attain users to your product or service to a longer life circle. Having a recurring payment option make this relationship with user closer and retains to your service or product.  

3- Automatization

Recurring billing is simply a convenient way to automatically bill your customers each month for the same amount of money. During each billing cycle the customer receives a notification electronically, which also triggers an automatic payment via credit card, ACH, or wire.

4- Makes cash flow predictable.

Because recurring billing is consistent like clockwork, and guarantees that you’ll get paid, calculating your income is incredibly easy since you know exactly what you’re going to receive during a specific timeframe. You can use this information to forecast future growth and earnings as well.

In short, recurring billing improves your cash flow and assists you in long-term financial planning.

5-Improves customer relationships.

Another perk of recurring billing is that you don’t have to have those awkward late-payment conversations with clients or customers, which can go a long-way in building your relationship with your customers. Personally, as a consumer, I always set-up automatic payments if available. This gives me control when the payments are withdrawn from my account, and I can basically eliminate the need for envelopes and stamps. It also gives me peace of mind since I don’t have to worry about ever forgetting to make-a-payment and then getting hit with a late fee.

6-Saves time and money.

Think of all the manpower your spend generating invoices each week. How about the costs of mailing and processing payments as well? Those costs all add-up.

If you were to automatically process eChecks, for example, you can cut your processing costs by 60%. Automated payments replace all of those sheets of paper and manual bookkeeping tasks. With automation you can send out bills, receive a payment, and record the payments without having to lift a finger.

7-It’s environmentally friendly.

When you go paperless, you’re helping out the environment. In fact, eChecks alone “help reduce the more than 67.4 million gallons of fuel used and 3.6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions created by transporting paper checks.”

8-Keeps payment information secure.

With recurring billing you can securely manage your customer’s information, as well as reducing the duplication and circulation of sensitive information and preventing other types of employee error.

Tinder is available for Cash Payments in Brazil


Tinder is extremley popular in Brazil specialy in nowadays with social distance and isolation people tend to seek new entertrainment and apps that helps to meet new people virtually.

During the quaretne tinder had over 3 billion swips  between like and dislike reaching highest peak. 

Majority of Tinder user if want to upgrade their account need to make purchase with credit card as solo option. 

Now you can upgrade your account in Tinder using alternative payments in Brazil such as Boleto, a popular payment method in the region.

Bside boleto Tinder is available to place order and make payment in any loterica in Brazil. 

To acess Tinder content and place an order need just acess into SmileOne:


Select option Loterica and go to the nearst loterica to make the payment. 

For who is aware what is loterica, loterica is like 7 Eleven convience store, where most of Brazillians are used to go to pay their bills. Over 50 thousants lotericas around Brasil makes one of most sucessfull dsitribution points for reselling. 

This new possibility will open doors for many who wanna use cash payment in Tinder.  


Brazil: FinTechs vs the Traditional Banking Model


Brazil: FinTechs vs the Traditional Banking Model

Five ways FinTechs better meet the needs of e-commerce

A population that exceeds 200 million habitants, 150 million Internet users and particularly high Interest rates. All the conditions are met for Brazil to become the new Eldorado of financial companies, regardless of their different working methods.

For some years now, thanks to the growing Brazilian e-commerce market, new financial institutions have appeared. We call them FinTech companies. These modern institutions, accessible by a simple mobile application, compete today with traditional banks. This may seem illogical on the surface, but Thanks to the scale of electronic commerce, these companies give several advantages that classic financial enterprises don’t offer.

Why FinTech are so successful? Why these institutions are attracting more and more merchants? This is what we will try to find out in this article.




1.   Cyber Security and Data Protection

In an online financial transaction, security is the most important thing.

To answer the growing stake of the lack of confidence of the users in the financial institutions, the FinTech hold the advantage of biometrics and cryptography.


2.   Cheaper Service

The transaction costs less when you go through a FinTech rather than a bank. The reason is simple: unlike traditional banks, FinTech do not have to employ thousands of people spread over a large number of agencies and spend billions on wages and premises.


3.   Reach more Customers

FinTech companies are reinventing online payment rules.

With these institutions, e-commerce is no longer reserved for customers who have a bank card or even a bank account. A variety of payment methods are available to your customers. So you can boost your Sales with these Alternative Methods very popular in Brazil and Latin America in general.

Click here for more information about Alternative Methods in Brazil.



4.   Simplicity and Transparency

FinTech companies use very simple process for transfers and payments. You don't need to be a financial professional to calculate the cost of the transfer. No more bureaucracy, endless forms and complicated procedures.

Free tutorials and demonstrations are often offered, to guarantee total transparency, and every phase of the financial operation is simplified, accelerated, and supercharged


5.   Less Mistakes and a Better Quality of Service

Traditional banks are still grappling with legacy infrastructure, On the other hand, FinTechs are always looking for the best technology. This is the reason for the faster rate of functioning.

Incorporating these technologies leads to reduces errors, guarantees quality of service and provides fast service in a shorter time.

Thus, the success of FinTech seems to be due to the fact of proposing something radically different from what a bank does. They succeeded in deeply modifying a financial model that everyone believed invariable.


12 June 2020

Sabrina Khach

circle-cropped (1).png

The importance of Brazil's relief package in the Enconomy


Brazil goverment approved a emergency package relieve with partnershipp with Bank Caixa to deliver a lower house approved an emergency salary of 600 BRL for informal workers and disabled people. 

This project should cost the gobverment 43 billions in 3 months and will have a direct impact over 24 millions workers and people. 

This is extreme important in Brazil scenary, since in Brazil estimate to have around 42 million informal works or self-employed people and which largely of this population does not have a bank account. 

Since most of the population in order to receive this relieve allowance will need a bank account, Bank Caixa owned by goverment created a Debit Online Account as a solution. With this debit online the users will be able to receive this relieve package and use in the internet purchases. In other words we are having instead new 24 million "bank" users with power to purchase. 

In this sense Pagsmile connected directly with Caixa and is accepting process the payment trough this online debit card which reaches almost 1/4 of population in Brazil. 

This stimulo will be crucial for many familiy and enconmic during this recession dual the corona virus.  

Alternative Methods in Brazil to boost your Sales


Pagsmile is a international payment facilitador which helps companies who is looking to enter into Latin America.

Brazil is the biggest market in Latin America and many opportunities await to be explored in this market. 

Brazil have a population over 209 million and with 45 million people without bank account. Means almost 1/4 of Brazillians still use cash as their main payment method during a purchase.  

In this sense Pagsmile developed some unique solutions to improve and make user experience much better when comes to cash payment. 

Bellow we separated 3 solution developed in house:

Fast Boleto

Boleto represent 40% of online sales, is one of the major payment method in Brazil and very popular among the population. The problem of this method is the time of consiliation which takes 2-3 working days to get payment compensated. In this sense Pagsmile developed directly a integration with local banks to make this conciliation time only within 2 hours.  


Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOCqKmSla5o&feature=youtu.be


Loterica is a small stores autorized by goverment to make payment of water, eletricity and majority of the boletos. Also is a place where people make purchase of official goverment lotteries. It's extremely popular among the Brazillians and amost every corner in the streets of Brazil have loterica. It's so popular that most of small cities in Brazil relay on those points to make payment intead of the bank. Pagsmile made possible to connect loterica as your point of sales. So end user can generate a order and go loterica to make payment. Compensation within 1 hour. 


Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piwC0X1zmoA&feature=youtu.be

Deposit / Transfer Express

Deposit  & Transfer Express coveres sales online and offline channels. Users have freedom to choose where he has acess and make a deposit or a transfer. After transfer or deposit been made the payment is confirmed within 2 hours.


Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfbNVPceQh4&feature=youtu.be

All these alternatives payment have improve significantly the user experience during process. Which brings the instapayment concept. User no longer need to wait until 2 working days to get their product or service after using cash payment. 

Also with Lotopay Merchants are able to increase points of sales for any product and services by given more acessibility to end users. [

For inquiries send us an email: [email protected]

Central Bank of Brazil step into QR solution creating a standard.


Couple of weeks ago despite the outbreak of Corona Virus the Central Bank of Brazil has announced a new national QR code standard meant to help make mobile payments more transparent and efficient. Improving the real time transactions and make universal for all plataform the standard.

The financial authority has stated that the purpose of the national QR code standard, which was dubbed BR Code, is to achieve a method of universal usage. The idea is to create a standardization comparable to what exists in conventional payment terminals. Those terminals already accept a number of different types of payment technology, including cards, chips and tags, and even devices. Mean finalliy Brazil will push forward to cashless solutions and make a big jump into digital payment plataforms with instant payment. 

The national QR code standard will also allow the same barcode to be used for a range of purposes.

This unveiling is only the latest in a number recently made by the central bank in the country. In addition to the quick response code regulations, the central bank also launched an instant payments platform in February 2020. All this was a component of a broader innovation program meant to completely update and refresh Brazil’s existing financial system. Brazil fintech industry is largest by far in Latin America and have been catching world attention with some invations companies that became unicorns in recent year. It is a very hot market for fintech industry and still have many opportunity unexplored. 


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