2021 has an expected sales growth of 26%, get your company ready!


2020 was a challenging year. With the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic people from around the globe had to acquire new habits, and one of the most relevant changes in Brazil and Latin America was the increase of online sales. During the last year e-commerces sales grew by 122%, exceeding the specialist’s expectations. For this year, we can expect even more.

According to a recent data provided by Ebit|Nielsen, online sales could grow by 26% in 2021. At the top of the most rentable markets, technology and games keeping surprising with representatives’ revenues, and one more time, Brazilian and Latin America’s market are the most surprising.

Connecting your business with the Brazilian market can be a great way to increase your company’s numbers. But for it, you should understand a bit about the moment that Brazil is passing through.

According to country’s government-run statistics agency (IBGE), 36 million Brazilians are outside the banking system, representing a significant part of the population. Those people search for alternative payment methods to use digital services without the need of a bank account, so it is important guarantee that the payment methods available in your business are able to serve this audience.

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