What do you know about contactless payment in Brazil?


Did you know that contactless payment in Brazil had a growth of 496% in one year, guaranteeing access to consumption and, during the pandemic, helping preserve people’s health?

This payment method is geting popular between Brazilians. It’s easy, fast, safe and shows an amazing growth since 2019, opening space for other technologies with the same concept but with different shapes and designs.

Nowadays, we already have payment options like cards, QR codes and even smartwatches with contactless technology. Everything to keep safety and commodity regardless of the payment method they choose.

Data provided by the most known credit card maintainer presents that contactless payment is not a temporary solution, the trend is here to stay. A recent research shows that 88% of Brazilians consider this payment method more convenient than money, and 75% of the ones that had experiences with this technology started using often, they also shows interest to keep using those payment methods.

If you’re already a contactless payment user, and know about the benefits of it, share your experiences with us at the comments. If you’re not, talk with us and discover how Pagsmile can provide this payment method for your company.