Lotopay, an easy way to pay


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 40 million Brazilians were outside the banking system, according to Brazil’s Central Bank Analysis. With social isolation boosting digital commerce and governmental measures encouraging people to use digital banking services this number decreased, and it’s estimated that 10 million people are now part of the system via traditional, digital banks or fintech. 

These people are potential customers for digital services and normally search for traditional payment methods like banking bills or money that doesn't need a bank account to conclude the transaction. Thinking about them, Pagsmile offers a new payment method that combines ease of use and speed. Lotopay is an easy way to pay, and it’s available in all Lotéricas in Brazil.

Lotéricas are small agencies authorized by the Brasilian Government to receive payments of basic needs and the majority of banking bills. With Pagsmile, the Lotéricas can be one of your points of sale. Speak with us and discover this, and other payment methods that can improve your sales.