What is an International Payment Facilitator?


Payment facilitators are companies focused on the relation between the customer and the seller. They provide payment solutions that can help customers during payment checkout. In our case, we are helping Brazilian users to buy game and digital services from international companies, with exclusive payment methods that are suitable even for people that do not have a bank account.

For this, we use our knowledge about the Brazilian market combined with the Chinese expertise about payments. We provide traditional solutions like banking bills and credit card, alternative payment methods which do not depend on a bank account, like Boleto Rápido™ and Lotopay™, and the main topic when we talk about new payment technology in Brazil, Pix.

Pix was released by the Brazilian Central Bank last November, since then, the system is getting more and more popular among Brazilians. Data provided by Brazilian Government shows that are more than 133 million Pix keys registered until now. Many games and digital services are not integrated with this technology, but with Pagsmile you can give your client this, and other, payment options.

Check the video below and discover what more Pagsmile can provide to your business.