Pix is one of the main payment methods in Brazil


In almost one year, Pix is already the second most used payment method in Brazil. Data provided by Confederação Nacional de Dirigentes Lojistas (CNDL) shows that Pix is used in almost 70,5% of all transactions, standing only behind cash.

According to the research, the main payment methods used in Brazil are cash (71%), Pix (70%), Debit (66%) and credit card (57%). According to CNDL, 83% users justify their preference for Pix for its ease of use and processing speed.

“The number of users that already made at least one PIX transaction is near 80 million – It’s worth to notice that this payment method has not completed a year of operation”, pointed by CNDLs president, José César da Costa.

PIX is also used for standard service payments (40%); internet purchases (26%); grocery purchases (18%); restaurants (17%); and medical appointments (12%).

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