• I had my account blocked because of payment problems. How to solve this?

    It is necessary that you contact the customer support of the store or game where you made your purchase and inform yourself of the reason for blocking your account and what are the procedures for unlocking it.

    As each store or game has different rules for dealing with account blocking or unlocking, here we are unable to provide the best assistance for this issue.

  • I'm not finding the payment method I want to use, how do I do it?

    Pagsmile offers four options as payment methods: Lottery, Boleto, Express Deposit and Credit Card.

    However, some stores that use Pagsmile may choose not to use all of them, so you may not find the option you want within the Pagsmile method.

    If your favorite store does not offer all Pagsmile payment methods, you can contact their support directly and give your opinion. :)

  • My order appears as paid at the store but I did not receive my product. What should I do?

    Pagsmile is responsible for receiving payments and informing the store when they are approved, so that it can deliver the product purchased by you.

    So, if your order is approved, contact the store directly to understand what may have happened with the delivery of your order.

  • How can I make sure that everything goes well with my purchase?

    Many approval problems can be avoided by providing a valid E-mail Address at the time you are making the payment.

    Many customers, at the time of purchase, inform any email on the store page. When this happens, they no longer receive updates about the purchase, such as data, value, payment method, etc. If anything goes wrong with the payment, it is to this email address that the information is sent, and if the customer does not have access to the email, he stops being informed.

    Another reason is that, often depending on the payment method you have chosen, the institution needs to check purchase information with the customer, and they notify you by email. The customer, having no access to the e-mail, cannot make such confirmation and then has his order canceled, bringing an unnecessary frustration.

    Other factors to watch out for in your purchase is to always check if you are in the correct store where you want to buy your product, check if you are logged in to the correct account (in cases of customers who have more than one account) and double check the information placed on the store page, thus preventing data from being placed incorrectly.

  • I paid but at the store my purchase is pending, what do I do?

    We ask that you first read our topic regarding deadlines for our payment methods.

    If the deadline has already expired, contact our agents so that they can help solve this problem.

  • I made the payment and I have proof of payment. Can you advance the approval of my purchase if I send the receipt to you?

    There is no possibility to advance the approval of your purchase, however it is important to remember that payment through Express Deposit is only approved by sending proof of payment through the link sent in the order email.

    So, always plan according to the delivery deadlines so you don't miss any promotions! :)

  • How long does it take for my purchase to be approved?

    After payment confirmation, each payment method has its own delivery time, see:

    Lottery: From 1 hour to 1 business day.

    Boleto Bancário: From 1 to 3 business days.

    Express Deposit: From 2 hours to 2 business days. *

    Credit Card (cash): In real time.

    Credit Card (in installments): In real time.

    ATTENTION: Remember that "business days" do not include Weekends (Saturday and Sunday), or Holidays.

    * Express Deposit has several payment methods and, therefore, their terms are well differentiated. For more information on these modalities, visit:

    - Express Deposit: https://goo.gl/zLimUY

    So, with this information in mind, plan your next purchases well so you don't miss any promotions due to delivery times! :D

  • I want to cancel my purchase, how do I do it?

    Here at Pagsmile we are responsible for receiving payments and informing the store when they are approved, so that it can deliver the product purchased by you.

    Therefore, as we are not responsible for the purchase or the product, we have no autonomy to decide when a purchase can be canceled and, in this case, the only way to do this is directly with the customer support of the store where the purchase was made. 

  • Can I make purchases directly with you?

    "Pagsmile is a payment solution, that is, we offer stores options for payment methods so that their customers can pay for purchases.

    Therefore, we do not have products for sale because we are not a store, but we appreciate the preference and trust when using Pagsmile to pay for your orders. :) "