Pagsmile's main merchants


Pagsmile offers many payment solutions for you to enter the Latin American market.

Game services

Pagsmile has many solutions for game payments.

Payment companies

We offer a private API to safeguard your data.

Enter the Brazilian market

With the advancement of laws and infrastructures, access to finance, mobile technology and internet, Pagsmile can help you enter the Latin American market.

Pagsmile offers many payment solutions for merchants

Pagsmile not only offers payment solutions, but is also fully developed in the operational environment of every industry in Brazil and other countries in Latin America, using payment data to assist the growth of all industries. Gaming industry, e-commerce, mobile internet tools, game services, online education, etc. Pagsmile’s team of specialists is ready to provide full support.

Our solutions

Protect client's payment process from the start

Pagsmile offers 24/7 customer service to all users. We will answer and solve any issues quickly and effectively. Besides, we will also assist the user throughout the entire purchase process, providing attentive service while at the same time increasing the success rate of payments.

Active tracking service

We offer all merchants a tracking service for non-paid orders, increasing the success rate of transactions. We also offer an active tracking service which is equivalent to the merchant offering a marketing service. This increases payment success rate by leading users to complete payments.

Multilanguage customer service

Pagsmile’s team offers customer service in English, Portuguese, Chinese and other languages. There’s no need to worry about language barriers when solving payment issues.

Rapid payment solutions

Why choose payments with real-time exchange rates?
Brazilian currency fluctuates frequently; sometimes devaluation can exceed 10% in a day. For this reason, in order to reduce merchant’s risk, Pagsmile offers an exchange service that converts the currency for each transaction from real to dollar in real-time, with taxes included. You can clearly view the revenue of each transaction in Brazilian and American currency within the merchant’s platform we provide. Pagsmile will transfer the corresponding amount in dollars to the merchant.
The funds can be settled in your international account in as little as 7 days.