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Pagsmile not only offers payment solutions, but is also fully developed in the operational environment of every industry in Brazil and other countries in Latin America, using payment data to assist the growth of all industries. Gaming industry, e-commerce, mobile internet tools, game services, online education, etc. Pagsmile’s team of specialists is ready to provide full support.

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Payment by credit card in Brazil


In Brazil, 40% of people have a bank card and 55% of online payments are made using cards. Therefore, the most important payment methods in Brazil support credit cards that can transact in local currency. To choose a payment channel that supports transactions in local currency means to open a payment segment in Brazil and it is an important market strategy to get liquidity on revenue.
Credit card issuers in Brazil with local currency are Visa, Mastercard and other international credit card organizations. In addition, there are also national credit card organizations like Elo, HyperCard and others. Pagsmile supports all types of credit cards of local currency as well as credit cards issued by big banks in Brazil.

Payment by Boleto in Brazil

Boleto, also known as Boleto Bancário, is one of the payment methods in Brazil that is supervised by the Central Bank. Boleto is the second most popular payment method in Brazil, occupying 35% of all online payments. When selecting this payment method at checkout, the site will issue a Boleto that has a bar code and a number, along with the name of the beneficiary, payer data, and amount to pay. The client can pay by scanning the bar code or inputting the number through their internet banking platform, or they can print the Boleto and pay with cash at a bank, ATM, lottery retailer, drugstore, market or post office.


Payment in lottery retailers


Lottery retailers not only offers betting services, but they also offer many banking services like withdrawals, deposits and balance checking. Currently, there are more than 13,000 lottery retailers in more than 1,000 cities in Brazil, covering 98% of the national territory. Lottery retailers are subsidiaries of Caixa Econômica Federal, a Brazilian public bank. The benefits of lottery retailers are the diverse services they offer, extended service time, and less waiting time in line.
In 2019, Pagsmile launched an exclusive payment service through lottery retailers, which quickly became the most characteristic payment method in Brazil. When using this payment method, the clients receive payment information (similar process of Boleto) which they can then take to a lottery retailer to pay. The payment will be settled in less than 1 hour.

Rapid transfer

Deposit express is a new way of payment by money transfer, 10% of all payments are done through this method. After an online purchase, the client can pay at a bank, ATM, or make a transfer through internet banking on a computer or mobile device. The four biggest banks in Brazil (Banco do Brasil, Itaú, Bradesco and Santander) support payments through internet banking.
The payment can be confirmed within 10 minutes, and there is no risk of chargebacks.


Get a friend to pay, online transfer


Pagsmile’s exclusive function allows a friend to make the payment. This function is the perfect solution for when a customer, for whatever reason, can’t make the payment in time. This can increase payment rates and help merchants improve the payment experience.
Pagsmile launched a payment method of rapid online transfer and improved user’s payment experience when purchasing online. It is possible to complete a transaction with only a few taps on a cellphone. Merchants receive the money immediately, and the risk of payment refusal diminishes. Pagsmile supports online transfers from the three biggest banks in Brazil, which are Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and Santander.