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Brazilian Local Payment Methods

Reach new consumers


Why enter Brazil?

The number of unicorns in Brazil is only smaller than in the United States and China

The pandemic caused many of the 74% of Brazilian citizens who had not yet shopped online to try e-commerce for the first time

Fastest growing e-commerce in the world, with a year on year growth rate of 35%

Source: Statista and JPMorgan

6Bn e-commerce market value

95% of internet penetration

44% growth in ecommerce

E-commerce transactions by payment method

With Pagsmile you can offer all these Brazilian payment methods and access a new customer base

Pagsmile payment solutions in Brazil


Brazil has a cash-centric culture, and Boleto has been historically used by the Brazilian population to pay for monthly bills, taxes, and also e-commerce purchases. Reach the unbanked population and also those whose preference is Boleto out of habit.

Local Credit Cards

The usage of credit cards has been growing. Although, internationally-enabled credit cards make up only 24% of e-commerce transactions. Start to accept both international and domestic cards and increase your conversions.


Trusted and heavily used by most of the population, this is the preferred alternative payment method in Brazil.

Debit & Credit Cards

A debit card is a common payment method in Brazil. Today, there are 116M active debit cards in the country, with 664B reais spent with this method in 2019. Accept debit cards to reach a new consumer base and optimize your revenue in Brazil.


The instant payment system created by the Central Bank of Brazil is changing the market by performing transfers and payments, in a few seconds, at any time of the day - including weekends and holidays - in a safe and practical way.

Digital Wallets

The popularity of digital wallets is increasing in Brazil, mostly due to the benefits offered by them, such as convenience, security, and simplicity to pay. Be ahead of the market and start to offer digital wallets on your e-commerce store.

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