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The favorite way to pay in Brazil

No card, no problem. Customers can pay at thousands of ATMs, agencies, post offices, lotteries, some supermarkets and over the internet until the due date.

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What is Boleto

It's a way to pay in cash in convenience stores or online, until a certain date.

And if customers don't pay the ticket?

All bank slips are automatically canceled when they arrive on the due date without charging fees or fines.

How long does it take?

After customers pay the ticket, it takes no more than 3 business days. Holidays or weekends do not count.

How it works

Customer places an order online
Receives an email with a boleto
Goes to an authorized establishment
Completes the payment in cash

Why your company will benefit

Reach more consumers

This is the Brazilian most broadly used and traditional payment method

Nimble Integration

One API for all markets

Future proof

PIX is growing incredibly fast in Brazil and is backed by the Central Bank

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