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Pagsmile has Pix

A new way to make instant payments in Brazil.

Use Pix on Pagsmile.

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A quick and free alternative to boleto, TED, DOC and even debit card.

Pix is ​​the new payment method of the Brazilian Central Bank. With it, you'll be able to make and receive instant transfers, pay bills and everyday purchases anytime on your cell phone.

Money arrives in seconds

Even between different banks and financial institutions.

Totally free

You do not pay to make or receive transfers.

Transfer anytime

Even on holidays and weekends, day and night.

Easy and safe

Receive transfers with only one piece of data, called a key.

Pix is ​​practical and free.

What are Pix keys

Instead of using all your bank details to receive transfers or payments, passing a single piece of information, called a key, the money arrives in your account in seconds.

What can be registered as a Pix key

Cellphone number
Random key

Remember: Pix keys are to facilitate the process, you can still use your bank details to make a Pix.

Transferring with Pix on Pagsmile is simple and fast

Convenience for you and full control of your legal entity account

Merchants will be able to generate a QR Code through the app to receive payments by Pix. In this way, customers can shop using just their cell phone, and a store can sell without using a machine. And transfers to legal entities are still completely free on Pagsmile, that won't change with Pix.

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