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What is tpaga?

Reach millions of new customers

A fast and secure Digital Wallet in Colombia to make a difference for merchants and customers.

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How tpaga works

The customer journey:

Select digital wallet on the checkout page
A QR code is generated
Go to app
Payment is confirmed instantly

Safety and speed to improve your sales

Digital wallets are on the rise in Colombia, thanks to its ease of use and quick adoption by the Colombian population. E-commerce is growing steadily in the country, with a volume of 13B* USD in 2019, and since the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way that customers buy, this could be even bigger.

Add this to the fact that the Colombian government is using digital wallets to pay subsidies and financial support during the pandemic, plus the easy access to the internet through smartphones, culminating in customers starting to choose this payment method.

Digital wallets also provide a high level of security for both customers and merchants, with extra layers of confirmation and authentication that make those who buy feel safer while providing great performance for merchants.

Integrate with Pagsmile and start to offer digital wallets in Colombia

By accepting digital wallets as a payment method, you allow your customers to confirm the payment in real-time, in a familiar and safe interface with a reinforced authentication process.

When you integrate tpaga, you also unlock access to the next digital wallets available with Pagsmile.


Expand your customer base

Get access to connected users in Colombia that prefer to pay with their digital wallet accounts. A fast-growing base of millions of consumers is already using tpaga and could be potential customers of your products.

More security and convenience

All customer data is input in the digital wallet before starting to pay for their purchase, creating an extra layer of security in the authentication process, which is reflected in a great performance to the merchant.

Real-time confirmation for payments

The merchant is notified as soon as the payment is completed in the digital wallet environment, and the customers don't have to wait to receive confirmation of its purchase.

One integration, multiple wallets

When you integrate with tpaga now, your website will be ready for the upcoming wallets in Colombia.

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