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What is Via Baloto

The most used cash payments in Colombia

Customers can pay for online purchases in cash at 13,500 stores across Colombia. Start offering your clients the most reliable payment method in the country.

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How Baloto works

The customer journey:

Select Baloto on the checkout page
A reference number is generated
The number used to pay in over 10k locations
Payment is confirmed and a receipt is provided to the customer

Gain your Colombian customers' trust and increase your sales

Even though financial inclusion is growing due to the ongoing development of fintechs, boosted by the increased penetration of mobile devices and the growth of apps, the Colombian population still pays for their online purchases with cash.

ViaBaloto is Colombia’s largest lottery and payment service, completing over 800K transactions a day across 9,500 locations. Payments via Baloto are convenient and trusted by over 85% of the Colombian population.

Offer Via Baloto in Colombia through a local partner

By integrating with Pagsmile you get access to a localized solution that covers all the bases to sell in Colombia, offer Via Baloto and other popular payment methods, get a direct connection with local payment players, market expertise, and regionalized fraud prevention.


Reach more consumers

Colombia still has a big number of unbanked adults, with this payment method you allow the consumer to pay without having a bank account or a credit card.

Security for your business

Via Baloto is safer than other methods like credit cards. With this payment option merchants do not have chargeback risk.

Payment methods in Colombia
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