Localized solution for payment processing

Pagsmile supports enterprises' growth by providing payment facilitation and processing in 20 different countries.

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Process any kind of payment in one platform

Along with the exponential growth of e-commerce, international companies are ever more keen on exploring new markets.

However, having payment processing in different countries is burdensome without a local intermediary because each payment landscape is very specific to a culture and its regulations.

By integrating with Pagsmile you get access to all major markets in Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa, more than 200 payment channels, unified reconciliation and payments.

We take care of all the currency exchange, payments, marketing localization, legal issues and fraudulent activity, ensuring that our merchants' market entry and growth is as delightful as possible.

Adapt to win

Not only our payment technology is delivered in our localized solution.

Your company will also receive a personalized marketing strategy to become known by the locals and customer support to keep them happy.


different payment processors


your company will pay the best price


payment methods


anyone can buy your product or service

International funds settlement

Improve UX by selling to buyers with local payment channels, in their local currency. Then receive your capital in USD anywhere in the world, without setting up local legal entities.

Domestic funds settlement

Local companies or international brands with local offices can receive their funds domestically.

Domestic and International Payout

Pagsmile Payout adapts to any business model. It's an easy, safe and fast way for companies to settle any kind of transfers to their partners.

Multiple and mixed operational models

Choose and combine the solutions that best fit your company. Either domestic or international payouts and settlements, we got you covered.

The state of art platform, built to scale

Our 24/7 monitoring function also allow us to act on any issue or request in the spot.

With solid security, configurability and scalability, our cloud-based platform offers our merchants the best API capability in the payments market. See our API documentation to integrate with ease to our best-in-class payments platform.

Acquirer redundancy

Our in-house developed algorithm switches transactions automatically to guarantee the highest success rates.

Unified Transactions

Unified reconciliation and funds transfer for all currencies and countries.

BIN Table

See the information you want about your cards transactions through our custom API.

Smart Retry

When a transaction is not confirmed, we will retry at the next best moment, based on our internal data.

Grow your customer base while keeping safe

Local acquiring

To improve approval rates, diminish fraud, accept international and domestic cards you need payment processing. Pagsmile is connected to over 70 banks and processors.

Uplift your approval rates with local acquiring
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Local payment methods

Let even unbanked customers buy your products in their preferred payments methods while keeping safe.

Local payment methods in Latin America
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Regionalized Fraud Prevention

Grow conversion rates while protecting your business without extra fees.

Data Protection

Industry-leading security certification: PCI DSS 3.2 CERTIFICATION Level 1.

Cloud-based platform

With high availability, scalability and tightened security


API with new documentation and SDK created to facilitate the application creation and enhance user usability.

For E-commerce

Install Pagsmile and start selling in the most popular e-commerce platforms.

Direct API

For a personalized integration and total control.

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See who already is growing in Latin America with us.

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