Peruvian Local Payment Methods

Reach new consumers


Why enter Peru?

10M internet users made online purchases in 2019

The top online payment method is cash, believe it or not.

Due to covid, eCommerce in Peru could reach $14 billion by 2022

Source: Statista and JPMorgan

4Bn ecommerce market value

60% of internet penetration

52% growth B2C ecommerce

Local payments are the norm

With Pagsmile you can offer all these Peruvian payment methods and access a new customer base

Pagsmile payment solutions in Peru


A popular Voucher/Electronic payment solution in Peru that allows customers, with or without a bank account, to shop online. Start offering the payment method your customers want and sell more in Peru.

Debit & Credit Cards

With local processing, you accept payments from the Peruvian population that already owns a credit or debit card, and consequently increase your sales in the country.

Bank Transfer

Through a voucher, customers can transfer from any bank in ATMs, bank apps, internet banking or bank branches.