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What is SafetyPay

Reach the whole population.

It is a way buy online and without a credit or debit card, by cash deposits at the agencies, agents or warehouses nationwide or pay via internet banking.

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How SafetyPay works

The customer journey:

Select cash or internet banking on the checkout page
A transaction number is generated, consumer takes the transaction number to a local payment center to pay in cash.
The consumer is redirected to their internet banking to complete an online debit transfer.
The transaction is confirmed and a receipt is provided to the customer.

The security your customers want when shopping online

SafetyPay knows some Latin American consumers still need a payment alternative when shopping online.

This payment method is integrated into LatAm's largest banks, acting as a connection between your customers' bank and the online store.

SafetyPay also allows your customers to settle payments in cash.


Reach more customers

Provide better UX to unbanked Latin Americans

Safetypay is a secure payment method with no chargeback risk

Payment methods in LATAM
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