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What is SPEI

Instant payments in Mexico.

Give your customers a secure, fast, and simple way to buy.

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How SPEI works

The customer journey:

Select SPEI on the checkout page
A voucher is generated
Payment is made through online banking

Increase your online sales with SPEI

Through SPEI you are enabling any person with a bank account in Mexico a solution to make payments with on the spot confirmation.

It is a safe and efficient system Mexican consumers have to make transactions and payments.

Why accepting alternative payments through a local payment partner is necessary

Pagsmile localized solution covers all your company needs to sell in Mexico. Payment processing, payment methods, partner connection, market expertise, fraud prevention, compliance & regulation - you name it, we got it.


Localize your payment strategy

Give the option the locals want

Faster payment confirmation

Real-time confirmation for you and your customers.


Chargebacks and fraud are a thing of the past.

Payment methods in Mexico
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